Free Avast antivirus 2019

It is the best free antivirus program for PC, as well as for Mac, and the most popular for Windows users. It is totally free of charge for private individuals for non-commercial use. In addition, Avast provides all the necessary protection tools. It achieved a remarkable protection rate, during the test performed by AV-test.


  • Analysis at start-up time
  • An extension to check the reliability of websites
  • Protection against scripts and malware
  • Real-time protection of files and emails
  • a free password manager that can
  • automatically save and fill in your connection information for your
  • devices
  • protection against ransomwares
  • The protection is cloud-based and has a beautiful user interface.
  • For all these reasons, it deserves its place on our list at the top of the ranking.

Free antivirus Nod32

It is still considered one of the best programs among the free antivirus programs, especially for Windows 8. Designed for personal computers, it also protects smartphones and tablets. Users installing the free version of Avira benefit from complete protection against viruses and spyware in real time, as well as other high value-added tools to better secure their computer:



  • Protection against spyware.
  • Phishing detection and malware.
  • Monitoring and protecting Internet browsing and scanning on the Cloud in real time.
  • Detection and removal of macro viruses.

It should be noted that Avira is much more efficient under Windows 8 and 8.1, than on Windows 7.

Free AVG antivirus 2019

The latest version of AVG antivirus has achieved high scores, with a very high detection rate in independent laboratory tests. It was selected as an “editorial choice” by PC Magazine in the “free antivirus” category. AV-Test (antivirus testing organization) uses three criteria to evaluate software, including anti-malware protection, which is considered essential.


During this test, AVG detected and blocked 100% of the malware samples.



Regarding protection, AVG antivirus free offers an antivirus and an extension to secure searches with the most popular web browsers. The AVG interface displays all the features of the Pro version (such as an upgrade incentive), as well as the status of your computer.

The AVG main page has five large icons representing the five software features, but the free version offers only basic protection.
download AVG antivirus free 2019